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Best Moisturizer Cream Rating 99/100


body-lotion-smallUpdate:  Dermajuv is now called Dermagist - nothing changed but the name.

At we have been waiting for a breakthrough body lotion that capitalizes on all that we have learned about skin care over the past few years. It was no surprise to our experts when it was Dermajuv that did so. Dermajuv has built a reputation over the years by providing top of the line skin care products at a price that consumers can afford. The key to their products is the quality of ingredients that they use and the unique formula their scientists design to achieve specific goals.

The Hydropeutic Body Lotion not only completely hydrates and nourishes your skin; as body lotions of the past have done, but it also treats your skin therapeutically to help reverse, treat and prevent the damages that are caused by everyday exposure to the environment. Here is a breakdown of the active ingredients and their intended treatment for your skin.   continue reading…

Best Moisturizer Cream Rating 81/100

lancome3This perfumed body lotion is created by a long stading brand known world wide in skin care.  Lancome is not new to the skin care game and it shows with the creation of this lotion.  Created as a compliment to their popular fragrance, the Magnifique Body Lotion is not just another perfumed body lotion, its rich formula delivers deep moisture and sustaining hydration long after the product is applied. 

This body lotion is created in the “old school” fashion and does not intend to treat potential skin damage or prevent premature aging, but it will deeply hydrate your skin cells and leave your skin silky smoothe.  This body lotion is effective enough for use on severe dry skin and it will relieve dry itchy skin within seconds, however due to the perfumed nature of the body lotion it’s use is strictly for women.     continue reading…

Best Moisturizer Cream Rating 77/100



Estee Lauder’s reputation certainly precedes itself when it comes to skin care and with good reason.  They have been on top of the skin care industry for years and have a number of body lotions to choose from.  We chose to review the Beautiful Body Lotion as we felt it provided the best moisturizing of each of their lotions and the floral scent is lovely.

This is NOT a therapeutic body lotion, nor does it provide any sort of preventative treatment but it absorbs rapidly and it leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and silky.  This lotion is not intended for severe dry skin or harsh skin conditions, but its fragrant essence and rich texture make it a quality daily use body lotion.  Our testers enjoyed using it following a bath or after shaving legs as it replenished and softened skin rapidly.   continue reading…

Best Moisturizer Cream Rating 72/100

blumarineThis body cream is not your average body lotion and is probably not on every consumer’s radar, however for what it specifically does it is a high quality body cream.  Heavily fragranced, this product is definitely for women only, so sorry guys once again, you are out on this one.

Bellissima is designed to inspire three moods:  attraction, romanticism and seduction.  This product is more concerned with the fragrance it delivers and the difference notes of that fragrance than they are with the actual treatment of dry skin.  As such it should not be used to treat dry itchy skin or be expected to offer any sort of therapeutic treatment.     continue reading…

Best Moisturizer Cream Rating 69/100


la-mer2It’s hard not to include La Mer’s Body Lotion in our list of body lotions, if for no other reason, because of the price that they charge.   At prices like these we expected something spectacular, but what we got was a well balanced, medium quality body lotion.  The texture was supple and the lotion absorbed rapidly, however it did not deliver lasting moisture to the skin cells.

Designed to cushion the skin against moisture loss and relieve itchy dryness, we expected the rapid absorption; however we were surprised to feel as though we needed to “re-apply” the body lotion within hours of the initial application.  The active ingredients in this product will slightly reduce minor discoloration within the skin but do not expect significant or rapid removal of these conditions.   continue reading…

Best Moisturizer Cream Rating 66/100


Lubriderm has a wide varity of skin lotions to choose from, however we feel that this is hands down their best formula.  The combination of Shea Butter and Cocoa Butters are a step in the right direction for any body lotion.  Lubriderm advertises widely that is is the most recommended lotion of Dermatologists and with their products based on Shea Butter we certainly understand why. 

This nourishing, non-greasy formula, enriched with shea and cocoa butters, helps leave your skin feeling smooth, supple and claims to keep skin moisturized for 24 hours.  What is even better is that Lubriderm is readily accessable for consumers, and are generally perfume free so that they can be used by both sexes, a requirement for us here at   continue reading…

Best Moisturizer Cream Rating 59/100


gold-bondGold Bond has been known for the healing nature of its products so when they released their line of body lotions we were eager to give them a try.  As you know you can find these products at almost every local store and were were happy to find that they had a neutral scent and that both men and women could use the product. 

Designed to restore your skin’s health and hydration count, Gold Bond has created a fairly light body lotion that is easily affordable for all.  The product goes on smooth and absorbs rapidly, however the hydration does not last.  We found that within a matter of minutes the skin was dry to the touch and felt as if more product needed to be applied.  The lotion itself is rather thin, which is fine provided that the skin remained moist, however our experience was that Gold Bond Ultimate Restoring Lotion did not do that.   continue reading…

dremu deception moisturizer

Best Moisturizer Cream Rating   40/100

The Dremu Deception cream is really not a moisturizer or wrinkle cream that is designed to make your wrinkles go away.  What this product really does, is hides them temporarily.  It contains an ingredient called Emu Oil.  What this ingredient does, aside from provide moisture to the skin, is to change the way the light reflects on your skin.   Basically, it is like camoflauge for wrinkles.  It only lasts as long as you don’t wash it off.

Since our website really tries to focus on wrinkle creams or moisturizers that cure wrinkles, or at least attempt to, we can’t give Dremu a really good rating.   continue reading…

best moisturizer olay regenerist

Best Moisturizer Cream Rating  34/100

Oil of olay has launched their Regenerist line, as a low priced alternative to compete with the high-end wrinkle creams and moisturizers that are currently so popular on the market.  Perhaps the timing is good, with the economy in such a slouch.  Consumers who usually would only think of using the fancy $150 creams, might now be looking for an alternative for around $20.   We thought we’d check out this cream and offer our review.

This moisturizer and wrinkle cream has a pleasant scent.. a little bit purfumy, but not bad.  I had read on some other review sites that the scent of the Regenerist cream was overpowering.  I found that claim not to be true.    continue reading…

Best Moisturizer Cream Rating:  30/100

freeze2471Freeze 24-7 made our list, but it’s really not the best moisturizer out there. Their claim via their name seems to indicate that it works in 24 hours, but that’s not true. It is at best a decent moisturizing cream. In comparison to all the big time scam moisturizers out there though, we found this product to be acceptable.

When I applied it, I did start to immediately feel a sensation in my skin that was kind of tingly.  It made me THINK the cream was doing something because of that feeling. Of course, the tinglyness wears off, and no wrinkles are gone or even lessened.   continue reading…

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